Get Ready for THE NEW CORPORATION: the unfortunately necessary sequel

THE NEW CORPORATION: the unfortunately necessary sequel

The world has changed since The Corporation was released in 2003. Despite Wall Street's implosion in 2008, floods, hurricanes and wildfires fueled by climate change, ever-increasing inequality, environmental destruction, growing political instability, and now the COVID-19 pandemic, the power of corporations has grown to an all-time high. Waves of anti-corporate resistance over the years - anti-globalization protests, Occupy Wall Street - have not stopped its rise. But corporations tell us they've changed, become more caring and conscientious, and that profit at all costs is no longer their guiding principle. They've jumped on the bandwagon of Corporate Social Responsibility and they're taking the lead on global issues as governments cede them power and retreat into national silos. Fueled by corporate interests, populist leaders are in power in increasing numbers around the globe and Donald Trump is pursuing a second term in the White House. 

What will it take to make the changes we need in time to stop the all-too-real forces of climate change, economic upheaval, the pandemic, ever more violent and impersonal weaponry, and the financialization, marketization, and corporatization of everything? THE NEW CORPORATION: the unfortunately necessary sequel written by Joel Bakan and directed by Bakan and Jennifer Abbott, dives into the world of resistance and change, with stories of protest, democratic revival and action from around the world.

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