Mikéla J. Makael

Mikéla J. Makael

Mikéla j. mikael is an international singer & actor. She began her professional singing career in 1994, finding her voice in the underground electronica scene in belgium, germany, holland & the u.k. Yet, as lead singer of vancouver's emerging trip-hop duo 'unspoken' created with collaborator len paul, her lyrics & spoken word pieces have become increasingly relevant.

Originally a professional model living & working around the globe, this gave mikéla a unique opportunity to discover how others exist in various cultures & countries. Greatly influencing her writing & consumed with a desire to heal through song, the world of spoken word has opened her up to evolving communities of activists who are also looking for timely alternatives to current world issues. Key live performances have included grrlapalooza, the first annual new forms festival, the 10th anniversary of wiggle, & the 12th annual under the volcano festival. As an actor, mikéla has starred in both film & television, such as brotherhood of murder (martin bell), outer limits (helen shaver), bliss (lynne stopkewich), no night is too long (tom shankland), & passageway (claudia molina). 


THE CORPORATION raises questions about the enduring viability and value of the corporation as the primary vehicle for organizing the production of wealth in market-based societies. It raises important concerns about the impact of the corporate structure on a range of public goods and should provoke thinking about whether or not there are better ways to more effectively organize production for the general welfare.

- Mark Amen, Director of the Globalization Research Center, University of Southern Florida