In an initiative part think tank, part voter registration, and part referendum, we asked people whether we should Reform, Regulate or Rewrite the corporation – or as we call them, the 3 ‘R’s. We weren't championing one ‘R’ over another, believing all are needed, but this strategy allowed us to frame the debate into three schools of thought that are pragmatic and policy-oriented.


The release of the DVD, with its many additional activist resources (over 8 hours of extra features including links, and strategies for change) presented another opportunity to organize and collect feedback. In April 2005 we launched The Corporation House Party campaign to discuss and devise solutions to the problems the film so aptly illuminates. To get the ball rolling, we organized an online ReThink The Corporation Debate on May 7, 2005 with special guests L. Hunter Lovins, Joel Bakan and Jeff Milchen arguing whether we should Reform, Regulate or Rewrite the corporation.

The House Party campaign may be “officially” over but if people still want to party, that’s fine by us! Let us know what you're up to and we'll do what we can to help spread the word.

Special thanks to our House Party & PSA co-sponsors:


The i-Corp (The Corporation Interactive) Project refers to the development of interactive content features on this website, with plans to create an interactive DVD. i-Corp was envisioned as creative content for a community of "inter-activists" able to respond online, offline, and in real-time to the issues raised by the film. Shortly after The Corporation had it's US theatrical debut, we launched a prototype which included the premiere webisode of called Biotalk, and an online Personality Test that playfully mimicked corporate personality type-casting.

Funding for the production of more features never arrived, unfortunately, and the prototype was removed. Our attention instead shifted to producing newsletters, organizing the DVD House Party campaign & debate, and gathering feedback for the next stage of action.

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