Who's Who

Jane Akre
Whistle-blowing Fox reporter
"Monsanto said the report alleging bribery was 'a blatant untruth'... and demanded a retraction. The CBC stands by its story."

Ray Anderson
CEO Interface, world's largest carpet manufacturer
"We'll spend the rest of our days harvesting yesteryear's carpets and recycling them... with zero scrap going to the landfill... that's the vision."

Joe Badaracco
Prof. Of Business Ethics, Harvard Business School
In all his years teaching business, was never asked so pointedly what a corporation is.

Maude Barlow
Chairperson, Council of Canadians.
"We must re-define our relationship to nature, corporations and controlling institutions."

Marc Barry
Competitive Intelligence Professional
...i.e., a corporate spy. Without guilt, uses deception to extract information from corporate executives.

Elaine Bernard
Executive Director, Trade Union Program, Harvard
"Morals over markets. We need to determine certain things shouldn't be bought and sold."

Edwin Black
Author, IBM and the Holocaust
Says IBM's exclusive technology accelerated the Holocaust with the knowledge of its CEO and other employees.

Carlton Brown
Commodities broker
Says gold traders had one thing on their minds as the twin towers burned.

Noam Chomsky
Institute Professor, MIT
"When you look at a corporation, just like when you look at a slave owner, you want to distinguish between the institution and the individual."

Chris Barrett & Luke McCabe
First "corporately-sponsored" university students
"We came up with the idea, launched it into the media... and within 8 months we had been in contact with over 20 nationally known companies."

Peter Drucker
The first management guru
Spoke with IBM CEO Thomas J. Watson several times about IBM's business relationship with the Third Reich.

Dr. Samuel Epstein
Prof. emeritus, Occupational & Environmental Medicine, U of Illinois.
"One in every two men get cancer, and one in every three women get cancer."

Andrea Finger
Spokesperson for Disney-built town of Celebration
"Disney brand speaks of reassurance, it speaks of tradition, it speaks of quality."

Milton Friedman
Nobel Prize-winning economist
"Asking a corporation to be socially responsible makes no more sense than asking a building to be."

Sam Gibara
Chairman, former CEO Goodyear Tire
"Corporations today have more power than governments."

Richard Grossman
Founder, POCLAD
"Why is it - after so many years of so many groups fighting toxic chemicals and winning... that every day more toxic chemicals are produced than the day before?"

Dr. Robert Hare
"The corporation is the prototypical psychopath."

Gabriel Herbas
Prof. of Economics, State University, Bolivia
"Our governments, sadly, are just puppets for these companies."

Lucy Hughes
VP, Initiative Media
"You can manipulate consumers into wanting, and therefore buying, your products. It's a game."

Ira Jackson
Director, Center for Business Govt., Kennedy School at Harvard
"The problem is that capitalism is amoral."

Charles Kernaghan
Director, National Labor Committee
"We'd better do something fast to put a net underneath this global economy, or else we're all going down."

Robert Keyes
President and CEO, Canadian Council for International Business
Doesn't like to use the word "corporation".

Mark Kingwell
Philosopher, cultural critic, author
"The primary question is: how do we make corporations democratically accountable?"

Naomi Klein
Author, No Logo
"Branding isn't advertising; it's the new production."

Tom Kline
VP, Pfizer Inc.
"First and foremost, I want a motivated workforce."

Chris Komisarjevsky
CEO Burson Marsteller Worldwide
Helps big corporations "have a voice" and share "how they feel about things."

Dr. Susan Linn
Prof. Of Psychiatry, Baker Children's Centre,
Critic of the Nag Factor study and of exploiting children's developmental vulnerabilities.

Hank McKinnell
CEO Pfizer Inc.
"We don't get anything for political contributions other than supporting people who support the right kinds of policies. Helping them get elected. It doesn't give us anything special in return."

Robert Monks
CEO LENS; Founder, Institutional Shareholder
"Corporate governance is who is responsible for running the company, how do they function and to whom they are accountable."

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart
Former Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell
"Were our founder, Marcus Samuel, to reappear today, I do not think he would be displeased with what has grown from his efforts."

Michael Moore
"The problem is the profit motive: for corporations, there's no such thing as 'enough'."

Oscar Olivera
The Coalition in Defense of Water and Life
Trusts in the people's capacity for "reflection, rage and rebellion."

Jonathan Ressler
CEO Big Fat Inc.
Compares people influenced by his campaigns as "roaches" taking the "brand bait" and spreading it.

Jeremy Rifkin
President, Foundation on Economic Trends
"Culture is primary."

Anita Roddick
Founder, The Body Shop
"I constantly question myself: How can I bring values into an industry that is certainly not values-laden?"

Dr. Vandana Shiva
Physicist, ecologist, feminist and seed activist.
"In every period of history... eventually, when you call a bluff, the tables turn."

Clay Timon
CEO Landor and Associates
"When Disney wants to market adult fare, they brand it Touchstone."

Michael Walker
President, Fraser Institute
"Sweatshops like Nike's factories help the world's poor get ‘plump and healthy'."

Robert Weissman
Editor, Multinational Monitor
"It is never easy choosing the 10 Worst Corporations of the Year - there are always more deserving nominees than we can possibly recognize."

Steve Wilson
Whistle-blowing, fired Fox reporter
"One way or another, we will continue to report stories about the environment and other important issues that are being increasingly ignored and mis-reported."

Irving Wladawsky-Berger
Vice President, IBM
Dismisses Edwin Black's allegations against IBM as having been "discredited."

Mary Zepernick
Coordinator, POCLAD
"It has been said, 'Slavery is the legal fiction that a person is property and corporate personhood is the legal fiction that property is a person."

Howard Zinn
"Fascism rose in Europe with the help of enormous corporations."

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