10 Year Anniverary Campaign - We're Not Done Yet!

THE CORPORATION has been stunning audiences with its revelations of an out of control business model that mandates the pursuit of profit without regard for anything, or anyone, else. Navigating a moral slippery slope that would be challenging for the best of us (let alone the Halliburtons and Walmarts of the world), the corporation is growing in size and influence. But what can we do about it?

A decade since the film first launched - its' message is more relevant than ever. Join HelloCoolWorld and the makers of The Corporation as we prepare for a 10th Anniversary year of organizing, action and dialogue.

We are preparing to launch a Crowdfunding campaign mid-May 2014 to rebuld this site as a media-rich magazine format portal to projets we and our alles launch, as well as to build outreach tools for activists to use. You can donate now.

And if your are in Vancouver May 26 - SAVE THE DATE! Tickets available now on Eventbrite.

Check out our recent video. Stay tuned for updates!
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