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September 14, 2012

Mark Achbar and Martin Scorsese - EPs on Surviving Progress

By Katherine Dodds

In case you haven't noticed, we have a pretty active Facebook conversation happening, which makes us here at Campaign Headquarters very happy, because it's mostly fueled by YOU THE PEOPLE!

Since we are a small team of volunteers with big battles to wage, we are thrilled to cross-promote likeminded causes and brainstorm how to fight the power. And of course we are happy to shamelessly promote our colleagues fine work - like Surviving Progress - which does have a direct connection to The Corporation through both Mark Achbar (Producer Director of The Corporation, executive producer for Surviving Progress) and Harold Crooks, (writer on The Corporation and Writer/co-director of Surviving Progress.)

For more info on Surviving Progress visit their website. Check out the upcoming screening at the Beartooth Theatre Pub in Alaska.

*editors note: What a civilized idea!

Check out this Q & A about Surviving Progress in two parts with Harold Crooks and Architects and Artisans!

Architect and Artisans Interview: Click here for Part One. Click here for Part Two.

Some excerpts from Part Two:

A & A: Who’s the target market for “Surviving Progress”

Harold Crooks: Our target audience is what Quebeckers call Monsieur and Madame Tout Le Monde, in other words, a wide public. Which is why we are so grateful Variety and San Francisco Bay Guardian reviewer Dennis Harvey described Surviving Progress as:

“ a cinematic wakeup call so cogent and non-didactic even Tea Partiers would be hard-pressed to shrug it off.”

Besides Tea Partiers and all adults in search of a compelling and cogent stocktaking of the state of our world, we especially hope the film will be available to students for a long time to come. Test screenings have shown us young people are moved by the experience of watching it!

A&A: What’s the desired effect on the audience?

HC: To ensure “Surviving Progress” would be a highly cinematic experience – not simply a content-driven documentary – Mathieu was determined the film be constructed without relying on voice-over narration. Mathieu has a special gift for marrying visuals, sound and music and he amplified this aspect of the film in collaboration with cinematographer Mario Janelle and Québec singer song-writer-composer Patrick Watson who shares music credits with Michael Ramsey. As Mathieu had such visionary filmmakers as Godfrey Reggio in mind as models, it’s no surprise one film reviewer described the movie as:

Koyaanisqatsi” meets “The Corporation.”

A& A: What’s the intent of the film?

HC: By illuminating how ideology, psychology and finance interact with ecology “Surviving Progress” is intended to be a highly engaging and instructive means of understanding why the current tsunami of financial scandals goes beyond the ethical failings of individual bankers.

We illustrate how the Wall Street mind set is preying on humanity and on the biosphere.

And we offer compelling testimony for why a sustainable future depends on re-establishing finance as it was understood in ancient times – as a public trust rather than the present algorithm-driven casino. The film hopefully will make a humble contribution towards encouraging the massive activism that will be required to move us back from the cliff’s edge — so that our world may be redesigned to allow us to live in it more efficiently, more lightly and more justly.

Architect and Artisans Interview: Click here for Part One. Click here  for Part Two

For more info on Surviving Progress visit their website.

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