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April 16, 2012

OWS & ACT UP Demand Wall Street Ante Up

By Jennifer Slattery

One of our volunteers, Jennifer Slattery, is heading back to the Occupy Wall Street site in New York and will be reporting live via twitter. Check back frequently to see what is going on at #OWS! There will be a LIVE "Occupy Your Future" twitter feed where you will be able to see what is happening on the ground at #OWS.

ACT UP X OCCUPYAfter a long winter, it's time to go back to Wall St. for this activist. And I am very excited about the first action I will be attending this Spring: 

To commemorate its 25th anniversary, ACT UP (the activist group that took on AIDS issues in the 80's) will team up with Occupy Wall Street to hold a massive demonstration and march on Wall Street. Why Wall Street? Because the corruption of the corporate class has a ripple effect throughout our society that goes far beyond jobs, and debt. The crisis they cause leads to human suffering. On Wednesday, April 25 we will gather at City Hall and march on Wall Street. Act Up, in many ways, served as a model for the Occupy movement's leaderless, non-violent, and creative, direct action tactics. It is an honor to not only carry on their fight, but to have them stand beside us, and teach us from within our own ranks. 

When I first arrived at Liberty Square six months ago, reporters asked me what real solutions I personally wanted to be achieved by protesting. My answer, repeatedly, was the need for a Financial Transaction Tax. None of the reporters ever printed my answer, instead running the same lie over and over for months: no one at Occupy has any ideas, no solutions. That was a lie, and I know because I heard many others talking about the same thing. We never stopped talking about it, and the media may choose to ignore us, but we will only get louder. A "Financial Speculation Tax" (Fi.S.T.) on Wall Street will be our rallying cry with Act Up on the 25th.

ACT UP is calling for a tiny, miniscule tax (0.05%) on Wall Street transactions and speculative trades in order to raise the money needed to end the global AIDS epidemic and provide universal healthcare in the US. To put it simply, it’s like a toll on the bridge that these trillions of trades travel over every day. Every time someone buys or sells on the stock market a fraction of a percent goes into a coffer to be spent on social programs. This way, even when the speculators crash the market, they do not bankrupt the country’s most vulnerable the way we see today. 

If they want to gamble with our economy, they should have to ante up. 

Only 44% of people who need HIV treatment have access – more than 8 million worldwide are left to die. The revenue from a Financial Transaction Tax could bail out the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, and could also help pay for universal healthcare in the U.S. The fact is, that the amount of money gathered painlessly through this tax could fund education, jobs, and help to develope green alternatives to tackle climate change.

If you have to pay to use a public bridge, then the traders should have to pay for using the public’s economy to generate and hoard mass amounts of wealth. 

 More info: 212-966-4873 | |

Facebook ACT UP NY Page  |

Twitter: @actupny | #taxwallst | #endaids

 Fundraiser this Week in NYC!

Rockbar on Fri. Apr., 20th at 9pm.

If you can't come, but want to help, please donate! 


Paypal online:


Or you can send checks to :


ACT UP/New York

332 Bleecker St, Suite PMB5

New York, NY 10014


I am looking forward to updating everyone on how this incredible event goes. It promises to be a historic day, and I’m so proud to be a part of it. And I'll be keeping this blog updated with weekly posts on events going on in the American Spring at Occupy Wall Street. And May 1st I'll be updating the corporation blog live via twitter, so please check out @corporationfilm on Twitter if you haven't yet.

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On June 14, 2012 at 07:58 PM Indra wrote:
It's time we use our voice and stand firm to take back America! It has been going downhill for a long time now and we have had euognh! No more games and playing with our lives and livelihood. No more sacrifices! It's time for the pursuit of happiness, empathy for our fellow man, concern for our own local communities, working together and helping one another without giving up our rights! FREEDOM! 2 0

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