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February 28, 2012

On Corporate Coups & The Totalitarian TipToe

By Jennifer Slattery

Pictured: Lloyd Blankfein, currently the CEO & Chairman of Goldman Sachs since 2006 when Hank Paulson became Secretary of the Treasury.

In our world, societal catastrophe seems to strike like lightning. A bolt from the blue blindsides us; turning conventional wisdom on its head. Often it comes in a thunderous crack: in an assassination, or an explosive attack. Sometimes it comes with a crash, as another bubble bursts and collapses under the weight of its own corruption. These events shock our view of everything we thought we knew of our past, and of a future we thought we had built on foundations unshakable. But the startled paralysis of catastrophe wears off as surely as our illusions do, and we are left with a clear choice: change or break. 

The Corporation film exposed the machinations of these artificial entities that empower the most sociopathic tendencies in human nature. It showed in stark terms how the Corporate Identity relieves the conscience of the individuals on the inside of guilt. Corporations see no limits; it's only goal is to gain more, to grow bigger, to feed endlessly and explicitly without remorse like a machine. Even when massive amounts of wealth are attained their desire for conquest turns to control of the rule of law in order to amass even more. In the 1930's major corporations went for a millitary Coup to overthrow FDR, and failed. These same entities funded the rise of fascism in Europe simultaneously, and for a time succeeded.

In the years since, the Corporate Class have learned their lesson, and changed their tactics. Now the conquest of corporations is more subtle, creeping into all sections of our governments through purely economic means. The days of jackboots has been disposed of in favor of a totalitarian tiptoe; the slow and steady subversion of society’s laws is succeeding where militant might has failed before. They bought media first, knowing full well that the medium is the message, and with the power of ideas firmly in grasp taught millions worldwide the Corporate Creed: Greed is Good. More is Better. Corporations are people too. This made the Kleptocracy (buying enough politicians and influence to make the crimes of corporations legal) that followed easy, and without reporting: unchallenged and unseen.

When you hear pundits discuss global policies, particularly economic ones, they often use the terms First World, & Third World. Most people in industrialized society have accepted this, even making "First World Problems" a popular meme in present day. But this is doublespeak (which could easily be renamed: corporate controlled speech) of the first order. Have you ever stopped and wondered why there is no talk of a second world? There is one, but what you probably haven't been clued into is the fact that the people inhabiting that world are people like you. You don't have first world problems because as George Carlin correctly observed: "It's a big club, and You ain't in it." Welcome to the "middle class", the working class, which is the Second class that labors and produces the tangible assets the First World exploits.

The First World is the world you have no access to, and the people in it are people you will never meet face to face. They inhabit a world behind the tall spiked gates and velvet ropes, in the penthouse suites of the towers overhead, and behind closed doors in the halls of power where you are not permitted to tread. Once in a while, you may choose between two first worlders in an election, but the policies they enact will be for the benefit of their world at the expense of your own. The economic crisis sweeping the globe today, as one example, was caused by the First World. That is why we see all the recovery solutions serving to protect and empower those who caused it rather than the people who suffer in it. 

In the Second World, our world, these catastrophes are engineered to seem unforeseeable. But in the world of the 1% they are all going perfectly according to plan. The demise of Lehman brothers was the pay-out to a bet, a clear case of insider trading, made days before the collapse. Anyone who resisted the First World’s bailout demands were threatened with martial law, an act of economic terrorism; a bloodless coup. The bailout was the ransom on our world being literally held hostage:

In 2012 we see this playing out again, but instead of multibillion dollar companies, entire countries are now falling victim to the scheme. Greece was coerced and trapped by Goldman Sachs into a loan that ballooned their debt to a point unpayable, despite the fact that the Eurostat was alerted to the scheme. Now Goldman sits on a mountain of Greek Credit Default Swaps salivating to collect. The Troika is now putting the screws to the country in the form of austerity measures designed with one purpose: Bring the Greek economy down to default so that the First World can collect.

"Greece has been struck by economic hit men." Wrote John Perkins, former advisor to the World Bank, United Nations, IMF, U.S. Treasury Department, and many Fortune 500 corporations. "Set to default on its debts, the Athens government is leading the pack of the 17 eurozone states as the first country using the common currency to be declared in "selective default" on its debt. In the process, this nation, where democracy was first defined more than 2000 years ago, is clearly demonstrating how predatory capitalism works to undue the freedoms of its citizens. The Greek people were not the ones who agreed to accept these debts and for the most part they did not benefit from them; yet they will be burdened for years to come because they were hoodwinked by the international banking community and their own corrupt leaders." 

This is the same scenario, practiced and honed in the Third World before they began to collapse our Second, playing out in the United States today. Many in charge of our finances feign worry and puzzlement at the Greek crisis, but never move to get answers they don’t want us to have. Half of our the citizens of the United States are impovershed as a result. Billions are found (or printed) to fund those which are too big to fail, the surveillance state, the militarization our police, and an exploding prison population. Meanwhile: millions languish, go hungry, remain uneducated, fall sick, and become homeless. 

Zombie Corp manWe all were forced to watch in 2008 as the zombie banks received more than $700 billion of our people's tax dollars, and at the same time were not privy to the trillions more sucked out of our economy without even congress being informed. Still today the cons continue as the crimes in the mortgage crisis go unpunished and uncorrected: 

"A clause in the provisional agreement [The mortgage crisis deal of the Obama Administration], which has not been made public, allows the banks to count future loan modifications made under a previous foreclosure-prevention initiative toward their restructuring obligations for the new settlement,” notes Amy Goodman in her interview with the BBC's Paul Mason. “So this is a big deal that was worked out with all the U.S. attorneys-general in the United States and the banks, supposedly penalizing them, a $25-$26 billion settlement, but in fact a bailout for them."  

These catastrophic crimes will continue for as long as the First World controls ours. People take the blame, take the poison medicine of austerity, while the criminals feast more gluttonously than ever. The billions spent not only to cheat you, but to pacifying you will continue to flow until we are up to our necks in it. At the end of the manuevering game is the same goal today as it was in the 30's: Totalitarian control by a corporate state.  

What is important for you to know, what the stenographers of the first world will not report to you, is that the Occupy movement is not about people camping in any particular place. We the people of the Second & Third World are uniting in a change of our global consciousness; reaching across all the barriers set upon us. That change happens in your heart and mind before it is ever expressed in action. It is happening in you when you see the problems we face are so grave, and that the choice to “stay the course” will continue to lead to our destruction.

You are not alone. In fact, you are in a vast silent majority that is waking up to the power of its unified voice. Let the decade of fear recede, the century of corporate domination crumble, and open yourself to creating a new paradigm; a new world. Reclaim your dignity, reclaim your Democracy, and refuse to live in fear. Realize that you must Occupy the Dream, so that the long winterset nightmare will come to an end in your lifetime. A Spring of freedom is on the horizon.

What we bring is not merely Revolution, but an Evolution; a Renaissance, a Rebirth. It is an end to an age of dark destruction, of self-inflicted immenent extinction, and a new humane society based on love, community, and respect for all life must take its place.

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On March 21, 2012 at 01:10 PM Macarena wrote:
The real world outer our limits and our world iinsde this limits have the same problem NO WORK. Who is guilty in a world like our? It is a daily screaming to indicate our president guilt. During 400 years, we have been leaving our government to decide business like we have been seeing at begin of our presidency; we know now what of dirty business were involving Americas dream. Millions dollars were distributed among few super brains. Salaries were giving likes a bag. However, everybody ignores this behavior important is to have a salary. Now million people screaming for jobs and nobody can help if it is not only what is necessary. Some will have a job and others will not.The big factory with hundreds of employees is only a remembering past, everything is empty and dead. Now a computer is our daily bread and work source. Peoples who cannot learn it, he has not chance to have a job. Million are waiting for a miracle and accusing our president because he doesnt produce works for them. The only cheaper workers are the military who is defending our interest in the outer world.The emigrant is doing the hard work, and they are leaving their blood and health in our streets, fields and houses, who want to do a job direct to the sun or to the cold winter?Equal problems involve Europe and millions around the globe are searching a job, any job. Who will suck up the oil from our seas? God be thanks that until now our president have enough serenity, although the insults by some big mouth that always existing everywhere in the world.

On March 27, 2012 at 12:23 AM Ollie wrote:
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