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Boost Our Idea for a Grassroots Dream Machine

By Sandy Haksi On March 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

Help us reach our goal of 5000 boosts by midnight April 25!

Our Dream Machine is an open source platform connecting audiences to the causes they care about

As the grassroots campaigners for The Corporation, we've been working on this labour of love for over 10 years. Right from the get-go, we wanted to do more than launch a successful film that informed and moved audiences. Our dream has been to build a grassroots network that connects audiences to ideas, action, and ultimately outcome. We want the creators of social change films and projects to get their work out there. We want people to easily support the causes they care about. And we want it all to make a difference.

Watch our short video and vote for us on ideaBOOST!

It's a process we started with The Corporation, where our lofty goal is to change the corporate form and tackle the issues that an under-regulated, overly powerful business model has unleashed across the planet. That means supporting the Occupy movement and initiatives to overturn the corporation's legal status as a person, fighting the banksters, the pipelines, the TPP and other suppressive trade agreements, and to generally agitate to reassert democracy and the power of citizens. It's a long list that seems to grow daily.

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Sandy is part of The Corporation's grassroots team and has been working on the film's outreach efforts since 2003.

US Voters Overwhelmingly Unite Against Corporate Personhood and Citizens United

By Sandy Haksi On November 08, 2012 | 3 Comments

Romney wasn't the only loser on election night. American voters resoundedly walloped Citizens United and the notion of corporate personhood by easily passing measures around the country to amend the Constitution and overturn the ruling.

At local and state levels, residents across party lines emphatically rejected the ruling that unleashed a tide of corporate spending in elections — and won every time! Even red states like Montana and Colorado that went to Romney saw a landslide of support with majorities of 70% and more.

The drive to get these initiatives on the ballot came from a coalition of groups including Move To Amend, Free Speech Is For People, and Common Cause. Kudos to all the volunteers and grassroots supporters who helped get them passed in their communities! Hopefully, this high level of support will send a strong message to Congress and push them into action.

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Stop The Trap Campaign is Hosting a TPP Discussion on Reddit NOW

By Sandy Haksi On October 24, 2012 | 0 Comments

Over 118,000 people have signed the petition to ensure the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) does not create an Internet trap!

Now, Open Media is hosting a live online question-and-answer session about the TPP and other Internet issues with leading advocates and experts. Check out their info below...

Do you have a question about the future of the Internet? Want to learn more about secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership's (TPP) Internet trap? Have an idea for how we can reach more people with the campaign?

We are...

  • Grassroots Internet freedom group OpenMedia (Steve Anderson)
  • Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian
  • Ben Huh, CEO of The Cheezburger Network
  • Digital rights advocates and experts from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Electronic Frontiers Australia, InternetNZ, Public Knowledge, Public Citizen, and Professor Michael Geist
  • Online innovators Mike Masnick from Techdirt, Elliot Noss from TuCows, and Michael Tippett from Ayoudo
  • Civil society leaders from the ACLU and Andrew Rasiej from the Personal Democracy Media

We’re here all day (9 AM – 7 PM Eastern)! Join us here and contribute to what is surely the most exciting movement of our time: Internet freedom.

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Stop the TPP! Wish List of the 1%

By Sandy Haksi On September 28, 2012 | 2 Comments

 This blog is cross-posted on Hello Cool World.

NEWSFLASH - VANCOUVERITES DON'T MISS THE FINAL SCREENING OF SHADOWS OF LIBERTY TONIGHT AT VIFF. This is an amazing film, and a must-see for anyone who cares about independant media. Mark Achbar describes the film as "taking up where Manufacturing Consent Left off" and "the best films on this topic so far." Check out the film. It ends with a call to action for the fight to keep the internet free!

...  Read on for our Stop the Trap blog! ...

Stop the Trap! Send a message to governments involved in the TPP to make the process transparent, accountable, and open to public participation and to all interested stakeholders.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) has been described as "NAFTA on steroids," a trade agreement designed in secret by lobbyists from big corporations and industry. The breathtaking power grab would allow them to essentially write their own regulations and circumvent democracy, granting them powers over our health, environment, internet use, labour rights, and more. The countries involved in negotiations are United States, Canada, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam.

When Big Tobacco/Oil/Media/Pharma/Agriculture/Retail and other corporations get together to party, we know we're in for one hell of a hangover.

Stop the Trap!

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Mark Achbar and Martin Scorsese - EPs on Surviving Progress

By Katherine Dodds On September 14, 2012 | 0 Comments

In case you haven't noticed, we have a pretty active Facebook conversation happening, which makes us here at Campaign Headquarters very happy, because it's mostly fueled by YOU THE PEOPLE!

Since we are a small team of volunteers with big battles to wage, we are thrilled to cross-promote likeminded causes and brainstorm how to fight the power. And of course we are happy to shamelessly promote our colleagues fine work - like Surviving Progress - which does have a direct connection to The Corporation through both Mark Achbar (Producer Director of The Corporation, executive producer for Surviving Progress) and Harold Crooks, (writer on The Corporation and Writer/co-director of Surviving Progress.)

For more info on Surviving Progress visit their website. Check out the upcoming screening at the Beartooth Theatre Pub in Alaska.

*editors note: What a civilized idea!

Check out this Q & A about Surviving Progress in two parts with Harold Crooks and Architects and Artisans!

Architect and Artisans Interview: Click here for Part One. Click here for Part Two.

Some excerpts from Part Two:

A & A: Who’s the target market for “Surviving Progress”

Harold Crooks: Our target audience is what Quebeckers call Monsieur and Madame Tout Le Monde, in other words, a wide public. Which is why we are so grateful Variety and San Francisco Bay Guardian reviewer Dennis Harvey described Surviving Progress as:

“ a cinematic wakeup call so cogent and non-didactic even Tea Partiers would be hard-pressed to shrug it off.”

Besides Tea Partiers and all adults in search of a compelling and cogent stocktaking of the state of our world, we especially hope the film will be available to students for a long time to come. Test screenings have shown us young people are moved by the experience of watching it!

A&A: What’s the desired effect on the audience?

HC: To ensure “Surviving Progress” would be a highly cinematic experience – not simply a content-driven documentary – Mathieu was determined the film be constructed without relying on voice-over narration. Mathieu has a special gift for marrying visuals, sound and music and he amplified this aspect of the film in collaboration with cinematographer Mario Janelle and Québec singer song-writer-composer Patrick Watson who shares music credits with Michael Ramsey. As Mathieu had such visionary filmmakers as Godfrey Reggio in mind as models, it’s no surprise one film reviewer described the movie as:

Koyaanisqatsi” meets “The Corporation.”

A& A: What’s the intent of the film?

HC: By illuminating how ideology, psychology and finance interact with ecology “Surviving Progress” is intended to be a highly engaging and instructive means of understanding why the current tsunami of financial scandals goes beyond the ethical failings of individual bankers.

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Katherine Dodds AKA "Kat" is the founder of, the grassroots team behind The Corporation, and is featured in a "Grassroots Marketing" segment on The Corporation DVD set. She is dedicated to harnessing the power of the film to rein in corporate abuse through the development of the Campaign 4 Corporate Harm Reduction.

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