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Transforming The Next Generation to Occupy Their Future

By Sandy Haksi On June 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

“The Corporation inspired me NOT to pursue a business career.”

- Student from Windermere Secondary School in Vancouver, BC, Canada after watching The Corporation

The Corporation man handing an apple to a childFor the release of the new, shorter version of The Corporation that we're crowdfunding to give away free to 1,000 schools, we held a focus test screening with a group of 24 high school students in Vancouver, BC, Canada. They ranged from grades 8-10, and they had extremely positive reactions with all but one liking or loving the film (the single holdout said it was okay).

“Corporations are all around us yet we are unaware how they control or manipulate us. We have to do SOMETHING (like educate others) in order to change our futures.”

Surprised, inspired and moved to find out the “behind-the-scenes” or inner workings of the corporation, they were excited to learn something new and eager to share with their friends and families. We asked if they would be interested in starting or joining Corporation Student Clubs to meet with others interested in the issues, and almost half said they would!

“Makes me want to scream and tell everybody about what is happening.”

It's not the first time we've seen the film have this kind of effect on our youth. In 2007, the filmmakers journeyed to Essex, Ontario to film a group of grade 8 students who were similarly impacted by the film. Check out video below!

All in all, it was an amazing session, and we were left with a renewed sense of purpose on the importance of The Corporation reaching the next generation and engaging with them to 'occupy their future.'

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Sandy is part of The Corporation's grassroots team and has been working on the film's outreach efforts since 2003.

Community Producer Mukund Menda doubles your dollars!

By Katherine Dodds On June 20, 2014 | 0 Comments

Off the Couch Attracts International Support!

We've had contributions from all around the world -- Switzerland, Austria, Germany ... and now Dubai! We were thrilled when long-time fan of the film, Mukund Menda, contacted us about being a Community Producer. Based in Dubai, he's contributed greatly to our campaign and is already planning how he's going to help us get the film in schools in the UAE where he lives and works.

Edutainment Champion & Community Producer, Mukund MendaAnd, we're delighted to say that thanks to Mukund, (pictured on the left through his new avatar), you can double your dollars while also helping to get The Corporation free into 1,000 schools. All gifts given this weekend will be matched! Get your gift matched now & you could win a prize!

We asked Mukund about a cool project he founded - Care For Laborers. Here's what he had to say:

"Care for Laborers is a platform to exchange and implement ideas to improve the quality of life and happiness of workers in the G.C.C. & South Asia." 

I asked him what inspired him to do this work: 

"When I started my efforts to spread awareness and to improve the quality of happiness and thus lives of lower income workers in 2007, an expatriate told me that I shouldn’t bother helping the laborers in Dubai and rather to go and do charitable activities in the countries of origin of these workers. That I should go to the towns where these workers come from and where people don’t even have any opportunity for a source of income and future for their children. I was also told it is better to do charity quietly and not make any publicity about it."

"We must all truly ‘be the change we wish to see in the world’ the famous words of Mahatma Gandhi. ‘Everything is possible’ the mantra of the great leader, humanitarian and visionary ruler of The Emirate of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, HRH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. A mantra proven on countless occasions."

"Charity starts at the home and my home is in Dubai in the Arabian Gulf. Dubai is a city I love, and I have a great affinity for all the people who call it home (long term expatriates and U.A.E. nationals alike).  Dubai cares about the world and has amazing initiatives like Dubai Cares. Yes, people are working here and making money to support their families of course. Although many a time they live a life of loneliness away from their families, friends and loved ones, the community as a whole should organize more activities and take the time out to help those less fortunate than themselves."

"If you chose to promote any fair and just cause without offending anyone or breaking any laws, you will garner more support and more change and awareness only by doing so more openly. As more people become aware about something and are reminded as often as possible, a critical mass of people with awareness can be reached; only then can real and permanent improvement occur for just and righteous causes." ~ Mukund Menda

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Katherine Dodds AKA "Kat" is the founder of, the grassroots team behind The Corporation, and is featured in a "Grassroots Marketing" segment on The Corporation DVD set. She is dedicated to harnessing the power of the film to rein in corporate abuse through the development of the Campaign 4 Corporate Harm Reduction.

Credit in the Film and Other Gifts for Yours

By Sandy Haksi On June 19, 2014 | 0 Comments


Get the downloadable new cut of the film licensed for unlimited public screenings with your $100 gift. It's the perfect tool for communities to use in the fight against corporate power.

Help us get the film free into 1,000 schools and you can even get something back for yourself. And for all you alternative currency lovers, the dana site is Bitcoin, Litecoin & Darkcoin friendly!

$5 Gift - THANK YOU!

A heartfelt shout-out on web & social media.


A downloadable poster + web & social media shout-outs. Poster will feature a new design including avatars of givers at the $500 level.

$50 Gift - FILM CREDIT

Get listed as a Community Supporter in the new cut + poster + shout-outs


We'll send you the best-selling book, The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit & Power by Joel Bakan.


Exclusive to the crowdfunding campaign! Get the downloadable new cut of The Corporation licensed for UNLIMITED public screenings. Normally, you pay around $200-$500 for a one-time only license. Now, you can host as many screenings, fundraisers, or parties that you want!

 $100 Activist License


LIMITED TIME ONLY! In addition to the activist licensed download with unlimited public screenings and credit in the film as a Community Supporter, you'll also receive the brand new book, Screening Truth to Power: A Reader on Documentary Activism by Cinema Politica.


More gifts available! Check out our dana page to see them all.

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Steve Anderson from Endorses #OffTheCouch Campaign

By Sandy Haksi On June 11, 2014 | 0 Comments

In this short video, Steve Anderson, founder & Executive Director of talks about how the film affected him and showed, "The power of corporations to restrict democracy."


We passed the $20K mark and now have over 160 supporters! Thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far already. If you haven't checked out the campaign recently, we have some new gifts to offer in in exchange for yours, including getting credited as a community supporter in the new cut of the film at the $50 level!

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Are You An Educator Looking for Tall, Dark & Psychopath?

By Sandy Haksi On June 09, 2014 | 0 Comments

Sign up to our film to educator matchmaker service!

Corp cupidWhether you're looking for a brief connection or a deeper transformative experience, we have the perfect candidate in mind. Hopefully, 1,000 of them!

Should we make our crowdfunding goal, we'll be giving the new cut of the film FREE to 1,000 schools and educators. We would especially like to get The Corporation into high schools and in front of the eyes of youth. There's a whole new generation who have never heard a counter-message to an increasingly corporate saturated environment, both in schools and beyond.

If you're an eligible educator seeking a witty, stylish and award-winning digital companion for the classroom, sign up now!

This service is absolutely free but you can of course make a donation to our campaign. If you don't have the means, you can also help by sharing the campaign with your network. Let people know that by giving to us, they are also giving to you!

And who knows, you may even end up finding that something special.

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