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Stop the Secrecy Before It’s Too Late

By Sandy Haksi On April 22, 2014 | 0 Comments

Add your voice to the almost 3 million people against fast-tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement

From StopTheSecrecy campaign:

StopTheSecrecyRight now, Obama is meeting with leaders in Asia to finalize the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.

The TPP threatens to censor your Internet, kill jobs, undermine environmental safeguards, and remove your democratic rights.

We're going to get the attention of decision-makers and the media by projecting a Stop The Secrecy message on key buildings in Washington D.C. - but we need you to add your voice now.

The TPP is huge: It covers 40% of the global economy and will overwrite national laws affecting people around the world.

The worst of the TPP threatens everything we care about: democracy, jobs, health, the environment, and the Internet.  That's why decision-makers are meeting in Asia under extreme secrecy and pushing 'Fast Track' laws to cement the plan into place. 

This is no way to make decisions in the 21st century. We need to raise a loud global call to expose this dangerous secrecy now. 

With every voice that is added to our call, a donor will contribute to make the Stop The Secrecy projection on buidlings in Washington D.C. bigger and brighter. We need to make this as big as possible when Obama returns to Washington on April 30th.

Take action at!

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Sandy is part of The Corporation's grassroots team and has been working on the film's outreach efforts since 2003.

Gearing up for our 10 Year Campaign!

By Katherine Dodds On April 14, 2014 | 0 Comments

has been stunning audiences with its revelations of an out of control business model that mandates the pursuit of profit without regard for anything, or anyone, else.

A decade since the film first launched - its' message is more relevant than ever. Join HelloCoolWorld and the makers of The Corporation as we prepare for a 10th Anniversary year of organizing, action and dialogue.

A decade ago we had a grassroots hit on our hands, and thousands of people from hundreds of organizations and citizens groups rallied to help us spread the word– but now, in a post 2008, and even post-Occupy world, with Bakan at work on a second book wondering if we are all psychopath’s now – it’s time to gear up again – because we’re not done yet!  We need to re-write corporate charters, revive democracy, and revolt against the profit motive at any cost. Our planet is at stake.

We’re calling on activists to join us in a year of organizing, dialogue and actions. In May we are launching a crowd-funding campaign to rebuild our Corporation web-site in a media-rich magazine format with outreach tools to engage with our allies in the fight against corporate power.

We need you to help us fundraise and to spread the word.

We are preparing to launch a Crowdfunding campaign mid-May 2014 to rebuld this site as a media-rich magazine format portal to projets we and our allies launch, as well as to build outreach tools for activists to use. You can donate now.

And if your are in Vancouver May 26 - SAVE THE DATE! Tickets available now on Eventbrite.


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Katherine Dodds AKA "Kat" is the founder of, the grassroots team behind The Corporation, and is featured in a "Grassroots Marketing" segment on The Corporation DVD set. She is dedicated to harnessing the power of the film to rein in corporate abuse through the development of the Campaign 4 Corporate Harm Reduction.

Mark Achbar: Follow Up on Kerala Film Festival Violence

By Katherine Dodds On March 09, 2014 | 0 Comments

Mark Achbar's follow up to his blog about the film festival protests and police violence in Kerala.

Condemn the Brutal  Police  Violence on the Activists of VIBGYOR

Letter from Mark Achbar:

Government of Canada

Consulate General of Canada, India
Lana Edwards
Consul-Political and Economic Affairs
Preeti Prabhu
Trade Commissioner (Education) and Public Affairs Officer
Dear Preeti Prabhu and Lana Edwards,
I write to you with great concern for five participants in the VIBGYOR Film Festival in Thrissur, who were detained yesterday, and subject to police violence, as was the lawyer who came to the police station to release them.
I attended VIBGYOR as an invited guest for a retrospective of my work, to participate in a tribute to my former filmmaking partner, the late Peter Wintonick, and for interactions with groups of students. I can attest to the peaceful nature of the event, where films were shown and discussed, and where a protest by violent BJP/RSS provocateurs was met with vocal, but non-violent resistance. 
Please see the attached press release, which is accurate in its account of previous police and BJP/RSS actions, some of which I personally witnessed, and which I believe to be credible in describing the current crisis.
It is essential that the Canadian Government urgently contact the superior government bodies responsible for these deplorable police actions, to ensure the safety of the victims, and to demand an investigation and discipline of the police involved. 
Thank you for your concern and immediate attention to this.
Mark Achbar 
(Press Release Below)

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Mark Achbar: Wild Times at A Film Festival In India

By Katherine Dodds On February 15, 2014 | 0 Comments

Mark Achbar  blogs from Kerala: Greetings from the VIBGYOR Film Festival, in the city of Thrissur, in the state of Kerala, India. 

Initially thinking VIBGYOR was some unpronounceable Indian word, I was reminded that it's an acronym for the colours of the rainbow.

Below are some photos I took of a BJP (Hindu nationalist) protest outside the festival gates, trying to prevent a screening of  "Ocean of Tears", about violence perpetrated against the people of Kashmir, especially women. They later interrupted the screening, yelled slogans, and tried to tear down the projection screen. 

A large portion of the audience got up on the stage and shouted them down for several minutes until the police finally escorted the protesters from the theatre back to the street while the screening continued, to much applause. 

We were later told some of the protesters were from the RSS, a right-wing, paramilitary group, which made the intrusion considerably more ominous, in retrospect. 

The last photos are of the filmmaker, Bilal. A. Jan, in a post-screening discussion. 

All this was going on just prior to a screening of The Corporation, which may have, in addition to the film having been widely circulated here since its release, contributed to a low turnout. Some potential festival goers may have missed the screening because they were preparing for a planned occupation of a Coca-Cola bottling plant nearby. 

The theme of the festival this year is "Gender Justice" and I had the pleasure of presenting "Two Brides and a Scalpel: Diary of a Lesbian Marriage" a film I made with Jennifer Abbott in the late 90s. The film was extremely well received, with many requests for copies to show to various groups. 

This evening, I'll be showing Manufacturing Consent, which has become required viewing here over the past 22 years in a wide range of courses. Numerous filmmakers and documentary enthusiasts tell me it turned their heads around politically, changed the course of their studies, or opened them to the possibility that documentaries don't have to be boring. 


More photos after the break...

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Ten Years - Why It Still Matters

By David Ng On January 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

The Corporation film is officially 10 years old! What a great decade it has been, and it has been especially fun connecting with people all over the world who are interested in transforming the role of corporations in the world.

On January 16th, 2014 - on the 10th birthday of the theatrical premiere and release of the film - we had a small party in Vancouver with some Corporation Film friends and fans to start a dialogue about how we might be able connect with movements around the world who are interested in collaborating to do some work together. We'll be cutting more 'micro-docs' from the interviews we did, including more about Corporation co-creator and author Joel Bakan's new project! Stay tuned...

We are interested in connecting with all Corporation fans who want to join in on our year of organizing, dialogue, and actions!  Check out our vlog about why the film is still relevant, and send in your own comments or videos!

Sign up to volunteer, and we will be in touch with you about how you can help.  We can also help you organize a screening in your community - send us an email (!

We're not done yet, but we need your help to make this anniversary year a game-changer.

Join us!

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David Ng is a Hello Cool World veteran with experience going back a decade. David first worked with us when he was just 14 years old as a participant in the youth advisory group for the sexual health education program Condomania. Now an accomplished videographer passionate about the issues of gender and power, he is currently on sabbatical in South Africa while he pursues a Masters in Gender Studies with a focus on international developme

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