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Vote for the Worst Corporation of 2014

By Sandy Haksi On October 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

Corporate Accountability International is running their annual Corporate Hall of Shame with candidates like TransCanada, Monsanto, McDonald's among their list of 10 global offenders. The "winner" will become the target of mobilized grassroots action, like last year's inductee Koch Industries which led to the removal of climate change-denier David Koch from the board of Boston PBS affiliate WGBH -- the producer of national programming like Frontline and NOVA.

Corporate Hall of Shame 2014It's hard to pick just one but cast your vote and take a stand against corporate abuse.

They don't show a tally of votes but apparently, there's no clear cut winner yet so you can help push your cause to the top. From financial, health, environmental, media, democratic and other harms, their list of the worst of the worst will likely cover it. And if not, you can add your own suggestion.

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Sandy is part of The Corporation's grassroots team and has been working on the film's outreach efforts since 2003.


By Katherine Dodds On October 02, 2014 | 0 Comments

Harold Crooks' new film tackles economic injustice. A film for the 99%! 

I’m really looking forward to seeing our friend Harold Crooks’ new film - The Price We Pay - which is coming to VIFF. The documentary offers a 90-minute look at corporate tax avoidance through the creation of offshore havens, and how many tech giants of the “cloud” economy seem to be eroding the very foundation of democracy.

It’s also up for an Impact Award, another initiative by our pals at Agentic Digital Media and Story Money Impact (Read about the Impact Awards below).

Harold co-wrote The Corporation’s narration and I’m excited to see him tackle such an important social justice topic as tax havens. Harold was also on the street in NYC during Occupy, and knows first-hand how strongly current the issue of economic justice is.

So far “The Price We Pay” has garnered big praise at its TIFF premiere with film critic Jason Gorber pronouncing it:

“one of the strongest docs of the year, one that's both timely and highly provocative.”

The Corporation filmmaker Mark Achbar agrees:

“If you've ever wondered why our social and cultural programs are starved for funds, why health care is being rationed, and why, as a society, we're becoming ever more miserly, here's a plausible explanation: The scale of tax evasion by the world's wealthy and the world's wealthiest corporations is simply staggering. Harold Crooks shows us the mechanisms and far-reaching consequences of this phenomenon in his fascinating new film, The Price We Pay. Entirely watchable. Essential viewing.”
~Mark Achbar

Among the tax justice activists featured in the film are familiar names such as John Christensen, Nick Shaxson, James Henry, Alain Deneault and Krishen Mehta, as well as Robin Hood Tax activist Dr. William Barclay of the Chicago Political Economy Group, former French banker Daniel Lebègue of Transparency International, as well as National Nurses United, the largest union and professional association of registered nurses in America.

"Near miraculous, terrific bit of journalism, riveting"
- Jason Gorber,

Recently quoted in Reel Screen, here’s some of what Harold had to say about the film:

“I had to keep my eye on so many issues: whether U.S. Congress or the British parliament, the new French president or Ireland would deal with the rising public pressure over these issues, over tax havens, about corporate tax avoidance – and wondering if there was going to be some legislation or some big breakthrough in the change of international tax rules that would date the film.”

“What happened was really quite the opposite. We couldn’t have predicted that at the very moment the film came out, that tax inversions would be front page – Burger King and Tim Hortons and Apple – so the timing of it turned out to be a stroke of great fortune for our film.” 

The Price We Pay is produced by Nathalie Barton and InformAction Films with the collaboration of Ici Radio-Canada and Filmoption International.

Check the film out on Facebook 

Get your VIFF tickets! 


Oct 04 01:00 pm
International Village #9

Oct 05 08:45 pm
International Village #9

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Katherine Dodds AKA "Kat" is the founder of, the grassroots team behind The Corporation, and is featured in a "Grassroots Marketing" segment on The Corporation DVD set. She is dedicated to harnessing the power of the film to rein in corporate abuse through the development of the Campaign 4 Corporate Harm Reduction.

Shadows of Liberty to head out on new U.S. Screening & Action Tour

By Katherine Dodds On October 01, 2014 | 0 Comments

Shadows of Liberty USA Screening & Action Tour is on the road again!

If you are in Canada, you can buy the DVD from us and support our campaign to get The Corporation free to #1000 schools.

With events co-hosted events in 22 states starting Thursday they will be bringing the film to Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

In Iowa City this Sunday, Senator Bernie Sanders will be joining us to accept a Champion of Freedom of Information Award, and the post film panel discussion will include the insight of former FCC Commissioner Nicholas Johnson. Not to be missed if you are in Iowa City!
Shadows of Liberty is partnering with incredible organizations such as the Native American Journalist Association in Norman, Oklahoma, Tulsa Community College, and the Society for Professional Journalist Student Chapter in Warrensburg, Missouri.

For screening event details see the SHADOWS OF LIBERTY WEBSITE, or see below our schedule at a glance.    

Thursday October 2 – First Unitarian Church of Des Moines – Des Moines – Iowa
Friday October 3 – KHOI Radio Station – Ames – Iowa
Sunday, October 5 – Unitarian Universalist Society of Iowa – Iowa City – Iowa
Tuesday, October 7  – The Art Theatre – Champaign – Illinois
Wednesday, October 8 – UU Church of Bloomington –  Bloomington – Indiana
Thursday, October 9 – Earlham College – Richmond – Indiana  
Friday, October 10 – CWA Local 6330 - St Louis, Missouri
Saturday, October 11 – Star Theater - Willow Springs Missouri
Monday, October 13 – University of Central Missouri – Warrensburg – Missouri
Tuesday, October 14 –Washburn University – Topeka – Kansas
Wednesday, October 15 – All Souls Unitarian Church – Tulsa –  Oklahoma
Thursday, October 16 – University of Oklahoma – Norman – Oklahoma
Friday, October 17 – Tulsa Community College  – Tulsa – Oklahoma
Saturday, October 18 – OMNI Center for Peace, Justice & Ecology – Fayetteville – Arkansas
Sunday, October 19 – Vino’s Brewpub - Little Rock - Arkansas

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Student group in Vancouver Raises the Alarm Over Extractive Industries on Campus

By Katherine Dodds On September 28, 2014 | 2 Comments

Guest Blog by Sam Stime, Calling on Corporation Blog readers to sign our petition! 

For a year, students at UBC and SFU have been raising the alarm bells about the federally-funded and mandated Canadian International Institute for the Extractive Industries and Development, the CIIEID, now housed at our universities. After extensive due-diligence, we’ve rolled out a petition calling on the decision-makers at our universities to review the poorly informed decision to host the extractive industry think-tank, and to take the precedent-setting step of dismantling it.

The petition is available here. The students’ blog provides extensive background to problems around Big Mining, Canadian diplomatic support for Canadian extractive companies overseas, and a narrative of the students’ rigorous search for information from the completely opaque CIIEID. The petition is getting attention from citizens, NGOs, and academics across Canada, who recognize this institute as a threat to academic freedom & integrity, as corporatization of the universities in its most heinous form, as an academic cloak concealing a predatory industry, and as a menace to the well-being of communities and to the local decision making processes of sovereign nations. To date, hundreds of stakeholders have signed on to the petition, including dozens of faculty at the coalition universities.

In stating what is expected of the university, the student blog doesn’t beat around the bush. Cards promoting the line-in-the-sand petition don’t either. Text accompanying an image of a gaudy masquerade mask reads, “Cute mask. But claiming to ‘alleviate poverty’ by promoting Canadian mining overseas isn’t fooling anyone.’ It goes on to assert, “This new mining institute is a threat to academic independence, and a threat to many countries’ own resource governance decisions. It’s way too problematic to host at our universities. Together, we’re asking the highest authorities at UBC, SFU, and EPDM to close it. Please sign the petition today.”

With the atrophy observed among directors, managers, and other key staff (all mention of them having been removed from the CIIEID ‘people’ page in the last months), students are now confident that the charade is nearly over.

The petition has stimulated a critical examination of whether it’s really appropriate for such a mining institute to be hosted at our universities. It’s urged self-reflection on Canadian complicity in abuses and exploitation outside Canada’s borders, and challenged our own assumptions about our right to acquire others’ resources, even at the cost of their own sovereign decision-making.

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People's Climate March & Flood Wall Street!

By Katherine Dodds On September 21, 2014 | 1 Comments

MORE PHOTOS ADDED!  Here is Mark (AKA the Cow) Achbar with the two filmmakers from Cowspiracy. Below are more pix from the historic climate march.

 Three filmmakers: Mark Achbar of “The Corporation” and Keegan Kuhn and Kip Andersen of “Cowspiracy,” in from Canada and California respectively.

Today (Sept. 21, 2014)thousands marched in NYC and I as I prepare to hit the Vancouver Streets where I am - here are few pics of The Corporation's Mark Acbbar in his cow suit in NYC today! He's been quite enthralled by the film Cowspiracy - that looks at the impact of beef & dairy on methane emissions and how huge a deal this is for climate change. Cow farts people! 



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